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Has a child or young person you know, been the victim of Youth Crime?

Has a child or young person you know been the perpetrator of Youth Crime?

Are you of the opinion that something needs to be done so that kids can be kids?

Are you willing to make a stand and be counted as someone who wants to help improve the situation in relation to Youth Crime?

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How often have you personally experinced Anit Social Behaviour or crime directly caused
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How worried are you about children and young people that you know, in relation to gangs, guns and knives. (0 not at all - 10 seriously worried)
If you were given the opportunity to help improve the 'Negative Youth' crisis in your community, how involved would you be? (0 not at all - 10 committed 100%)
How safe do you feel in and around your community in relation to 'Negative Youth'?
(0 always feel safe - 10 never feel safe)
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