CHISEL Kids Community Interest Company, is a not for profit organisation set up January 2009 by Criminal Justice Social Worker Jacci Francis. Having worked for the Criminal Justice industry for 10 years, she wanted to do more than her statutory role permitted, in relation to the prevention of youth offending. Using her vast amount of knowledge and experience of working with children and young people, in addition to her experience of being a parent of teenage girls, she proceeded to develop a programme designed in collaboration with children, young people and parents. A programme that equips children and young people with the tools they need to resist negative peer pressure, anti social behaviour and crime.  

Children, young people and parents have collaborated in the development of the programme from its conception and will continue to be integral to the continuous sustainment and development of the company and the programmes to be offered in their community. 

CHISEL programmes provide children and young people with the opportunities to participate in activities that they enjoy, in a safe environment. Children and young people are also encouraged to access the information and services that they may need from outside CHISEL. All CHISEL programmes incorporate Every Child Matters and safeguarding procedures.