Through their engagement on CYDP & CYTP, children and young people will grow in their own personal development and gain experience knowledge and skills that will enable them to make positive, long term, life choices. Opportunities created through CYTP, will empower CHISEL Youth Volunteers and will provide a forum in which young people can reflect on their own behaviour and attitudes. By identifying young people’s talents and by creating a sense of belonging and self respect, children and young people can gain confidence in themselves and learn to respect others, enabling them to go on to make valuable contribution in their direct communities.

Peer Education projects are an important way to engage children and young people in developing community participation and integration, particularly within neighbourhoods where people look to each other for information, advice and support in relation to issues that impact their local community.

BIG Society’s chief advisor to the Government Lord Wei identifies 3 key qualities of the Big Society:

1. The needs of different places are dealt with in different ways. CHISEL Kids understands that each community has unique issues in relation to Negative Youth Culture and anti social behaviour. As such we have developed a satellite service that can be used wherever there is a demand.

2. It lets people take control. CHISEL Kids identifies young people from the local community, who having grown up in the said community are best placed to understand the issues faced by their younger peers and are in a strong position to challenge negative youth attitudes and behaviours.

3. It leads to similar senses of community arising in inner-city and rural areas that weren't there before. CHISEL Kids programmes work from the premise that every individual has a role to play in relation to Youth and we believe in the concept of an old African saying “it takes a village to raise a child”. We believe that children and young people can come together to build safer, happier, communities for all.

Children and young people today are the leaders and role models of the future. Positive life choices made now can have an infinite impact on future generations. CHISEL programmes provide children and young people with an opportunity to break the cycle of crime, deprivation, poverty, low educational attainment, low self esteem, poor physical and emotional health. CHISEL kids encourages children and young people to aspire to fulfil their true potential, creating a 'can do culture' and work ethic that can be handed down to their own children/future generations.